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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Book Cover for Memoirs of a Geisha

I chose to collage pictures of geisha activities to emphasize the life of a geisha to the public. In the original cover of only the picture of a geisha's face, I decided to be more detailed about what a geisha really is such as their culture and talents. In addition, draw the public in with the beautiful girls on the cover, just like in the book how geishas draw in men with their looks. "You should have told me sooner what a pretty girl you brought with you. Her eyes....they're the color of a mirror!" (P.60). In addition the book also stands out compared to the other books beacuse of how colorful the cover is and how Asian traditions is unique compared to other books on the counter. The book is about a poor, young girl from the countryside who dreams of becoming a geisha after moving to the city and seeing the life of a geisha. Just like Sayuri, the main character, I wanted the public to be drawn to wanting to read Memoirs of a Geisha after seeing how unique and amazing they are from the cover. Throughout the whole book, they talk about the traditions and cultures of a geisha. I wanted the public to witness it first hand so they can get a taste of what is in sotred for them if they read the book. This story is also a romantic tale that is kind of like a Cinderella story. The hearts and the picture of a man and woman in love on the cover signify the love that is going on in the movie. Sayuri chases after the Chairman who is a man that is unreachable for her because of his status and hers, so she becomes a geisa hoping it will change it so that they have a possibility of being together. The Chairman is also the only goal and dream she has to look for in her life after leaving her family back home and being seperated from her sister. "In that brief encounter with the Chairman, I had changed from a lost girl facing a lifetime of emptiness to a girl with purpose in her life." (P.113). Love has such a huge impact in this book so expressing it in the cover that is a love story will draw in the public who are interested in love stories into buying the book. In conclusion, my book cover is superior to other book covers because this cover is vibrant and noticeable. It will catch your eye and once it does, you will be drawn into readin git because not only is it story about Asian cultures and traditions but it is also a love story. Having two different subjects is great because it draws in two different types of people, those who are interested in Asian culture and those interested in love stories.

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Matthew said...

I chose to put my book cover page about Memoirs of a Geisha in my portfolio because it meant so much to me. This had to be my most creative piece since I used all my artistic abilities which im not very skilled at into luring the audience and readers to my book. This was one of the most challenging things I've done all year so my work on this piece had to be in my portfolio.