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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SAT Prompt

Everyone will fail at something in their lifetime. No one is perfect at everything nor even good at everything. However, not everyone can pick themselves up after failing or have the determination to proceed to try again. I agree with the fact that being able to quickly recover in response to a challenge is essential to success. Since everyone fails in order to succeed you must be able to pick yourself up and go at it again. Just like the saying goes, "Fall seven times, get up 8." In my life, I have had to go through many obstacles that impacted my life greatly. When my parents split up, I didn't know what to do. I loved both my mother and father; and here the judge is telling me to pick either my mother or father to live with. I chose my mother knowing she was weaker emotionally and needed me more than my father. However, it was a tough loss and a tragic event in my life. Sometimes failing comes to you when you don't even expect it. For example, my parents splitting up made me feel like I failed them because I couldn't help them stay together and keep the peace between us. Moreover, I was very depressed and hurt inside everyday. However, I picked myself up and stopped moapping around because that didn't help anything. Instead, I cheered up and helped both my parents feel better and happier since I was no longer sad and I could help cheer them up as well. You can't control destiny and the things that happen in your life, but you have to keep on trying and have the determination to go on. Another time, I failed was during the first time I played lacrosse. Everyone on the team had three yeras of experience under their belt while this was the first time I ever picked up a stick. I was good for a beginner but I could never keep up with everyone because they were so good compared to me. So at home and during my spare time I would practice all day and then eventually I became the starting midfielder and one of th ebest on the team. I felt very accomplished because I never gave up and turned my failure into a success with my determination and will power. In my opinion, failing helps us to be stonger people. Without failing, success would be nothing than just an ordinary world. It wouldn't be something special but just something that everyone had. Moreover, getting back up and standing up on your own after failing makes you feel proud and accomplished. On the other hand, never failing would just be dull and something that doesn't make you feel like you achieved something. In conclusion, failing and getting back up again is the greatest glory because it is so much harder to achieve since getting back up requires you to do so when all the odds are against you and you feel your most vulernable. I believe if you can do that, then you have the strength and courage to go against anything. In addition, if you can rise everytime you fall, then you have much more strength and determination than someone who has never failed because they have never gone through all the heartaches and stuggles that a person who can rise again that eighth time after falling down seven times.

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Matthew said...

I decided to put my SAT prompt into my portfolio because it was one of the writings that helped me improve at timed essay writing. Before this practice, I had a lot of trouble finishing my writing and jotting down my ideas down in time before the time period ended. I was one of those people who took hours and hours to write what they wanted to write however with practice I have become a very good timed essay writer and did very well on my actual SAT because of these types of practicing.