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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hamlet Dialetical Journal Entry

"If with too credent ear you list his songs, or lose your heart or your chaste treasure open" (43)

As Laertes goes off to college and he talks to Ophelia, instead of talking to her in a sad way because he is departing her, Laertes does not bid farewell. Instead, Laertes gives Ophelia advice about her situation with Hamlet. Laertes acts as an overprotective brother as he gives her advice on what Hamlet may try to do. For example, when Laertes explains for Ophelia to not faill for his words and if she does fall for him, watch out for her treasures or in other words her virginity. Laertes is looked upon as a good brother and really shows his maturity as he is expressed as a strong person willing to give help to his little sister.

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Matthew said...

I choosed this notebook entry to put into my portfolio because this was one of my favorite quotes in the book Hamlet. It has such good use of abstract meaning behind every word and it really makes you think about what everything means. In addition, Hamlet was my favorite novel by far that we have read throughout the year so its only natural to put up a notebook entry about Hamlet in my portfolio.